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1 Granary

Article from 1 granary website on the Undercover exhibition opening

This digital exhibition explores the evolution of face masks in the age of COVID-19

Published May 12, 2021

Words Natassa Stamouli

We spoke to curator professor Andrew Groves and looked into the importance of the archive in fashion education

The Undercover exhibition reveals how fast and effectively the fashion industry adapted to the consumers’ needs whilst examining the unique journey of such an ephemeral product from its making to its consumption. Besides the main archive, the exhibition comprises 5 other pillars, including a series of 365 photographs of discarded face masks found in the street. The photographic collection is available on OpenSea as 365 separate NFT’s, starting a conversation on the environmental impact of Covid-19.

What do face masks and their evolution have to teach us about the fashion industry, design, and culture at large? We spoke with the curator of the exhibition and director of the Westminster Menswear Archive Andrew Groves to discuss the thin lines between function and style and why archives are an essential resource for every fashion student and professional.


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