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The Guardian

Article in The Guardian on loungewear

‘The new sweatpants’? Pyjamas emerge as men’s daywear trend

The Guardian

Priya Elan

9 April 2021

Pyjamas and loungewear have become the go-to during the pandemic – and now they’re making their way outdoors and even to awards shows

The rise of the souped-up pyjama is also symbolic of a bigger generational shift, augured by social media, where the lines between the private and public are blurred.

“The private domestic space no longer exists; it’s been Instagrammed and TikToked to death,” said Prof Andrew Groves, the director of the Westminster Menswear Archive at the University of Westminster.
“As a result there are no clothes we wear for ‘private’ moments. Everything is now available for public consumption.”


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