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Article in Sevenstore about the cultural significance of C.P. Company

Prof Andrew Groves discusses the cultural significance of C.P. Company

Historically it wasn't the norm for men to be so into fashion, but that tide sort of turned between the '80s and '90s, why do you think brands such as C.P. Company were integral to that movement of the time?

At the end of the ‘70s, a new subculture developed in the U.K. focused on utilising designer menswear as a means of conveying their identity. The intrinsic style of preceding subcultures from the teddy boys to the mods, the punks and the rockers could create their look through a visit to a local tailor or the adaption of pre-existing non-branded clothing. But while the emerging perry boys of the ‘70s were drawn to predominantly British brands, their evolution into the dressers of the early 1980s saw the arrival and ascendency of Italian brands within casual culture. This coincided with the launch of the 'Made in Italy' marketing campaign that highlighted the uniqueness and excellence of Italian products, aligning with how the casual scene was evolving, that further emphasised how brands such as C.P. Company were becoming central to the appreciation and appropriation of Italian menswear within the U.K.


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